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Thermolux Ltd, a family company, was founded in 1990 as one of the first company of its kind in the region. During its existence it has expanded its business activities in several ways and nowadays the major areas of its activities are:



The main mission of the company is to satisfy its clients, and therefore it’s using top quality materials for production, which guarantee long lifecycle and high reliability. In addition to this, the company is providing comprehensive services and special counseling for its customers. The guaranty of its expertness and quality besides its long-time existence are several certificates issued by reputable foreign companies, like Trocal, Greenline, Alukon or Somfy.



Our products

PVC windows

PVC window systems represent the most important product category of our company. Our PVC windows offer a greatly improved insulation compared to traditional single glazing openings. In addition to their better insulation, PVC windows are also draught-proof, therefore reduce the amount of heat that can escape, so you can cut down on your heating without sacrificing comfort. Also, our window systems provide good protection against forced entry even without steel reinforcements. Of course, you can choose from a whole range of colours when designing the colour scheme for your windows. The PVC window systems of Thermolux are available in all opening modes.


PVC doors

It is now accepted that exterior doors should add value to your home and not just keep you safe. We attach equal importance to both security and visual appeal. The many design and colour variants provide the optimal solution for all tastes and fulfil your own personal needs.

Our door-systems are available in outswing and inswing designs and they can withstand even extreme weather conditions. Besides these our products are characteristics with long lifecycle and easy maintenance.


Roller shutters

We have been manufacturing roller shutters since 1990 and make each particular roller shutter to the highest possible standard, tailor-made to suit your environment. The installation of our products offers several advantages: reduce heating costs during colder months, keep your home cooler during the summer and offer complete privacy against unwanted eyes. Another great benefit is that roller shutters increase the level of security of your properties. Our products can be operated manually, however the electrical operation is also getting more and more popular. These motorised roller shutters are operated by switch, key-switch or hand held remote control.

Horizontal blinds

Aluminum and wood blinds are an affordable and quick way to add privacy to any type of window. They come in wide selection of sizes, shapes, colours and finishes that allow you to create a beautiful and custom environment for your home or office décor. Another advantage is that they are a very effective means in controlling direct sunlight and glare. Both wood and aluminum blinds can be custom made and are characteristics with long lifecycle and easy maintenance.

Vertical blinds

Our vertical window blinds are an inexpensive and attractive way to cover your windows and doors. They are popular for both modern and traditional styles and truly advisable for very wide windows and sliding glass doors. Verticals have low maintenance and very effective light control.

Mosquito netting

Mosquito netting is the most effective inartificial protection against unwelcome insects. Even if its major function is to protect, it is becoming a decorative accessory of plastic windows and doors. All our nettings are made on a tailor-made basis.


Even if the sunshine can be a wonderful thing, our products help you to minimize its disadvantages, like overheated rooms, faded furniture and carpets, or wilted plants. In addition to this, our awnings also add elegant, unique character to your home. Both immovable and draw-out awnings are custom-made based on the most discerning tastes. Also, our motorized awnings can be comfortably operated by manual switch or remote control, which allows infinitive variability of the shading.


Safety grilles

For any purposes, the retail sector steel grilles provide high levels of security against theft, allowing merchandise to be displayed to full advantage out of shopping hours with peace of mind. Doors and windows of all shapes and sizes can be fitted with aluminium grilles with a wide range of options including colours to suit most properties. Our products are available in both mechanical and electronical ways of control.


Garage doors

Nowadays on garage door closing systems is put more and more emphasis. They should provide good protection against forced entry, offer resistance against climatic effects, be aesthetic, and have long lifecycle and simple design, which avoid frequent jams. We are offering only products, which meet all these criterias. Our garage doors are made from high quality materials and add elegant character to your home. Of course, they are provided with electronic drive, which means more comfort for our clients. For more demanding customers we can also offer lightning and ventilation solutions integrated into our garage door system.

If you have clicked on the aforementioned links "Types", please note that all the explanations have showed up in Slovak language. Therefore, if you need more specific clarification on our products, please contact us and we would be more than happy to help you.

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